2019/07/14 » Kecskemét Folk Dance Ensemble

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The Kecskemét Folk Dance Ensemble in their performance “Proud Verbunk from Kecskemét"

A wonderful presentation of Hungarian folklore

WHEN: 14 July 2019, 4:30 PM

WHERE: Marymount University 2807 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA 22207


The Kecskemét Folk Dance Ensemble is one of Hungary’s premier traditional folk dance groups, based in the beautiful city of Kecskemét located about 60 miles south of Budapest. The city is the cultural center of the Alfőld (Great Plains) Region of Hungary and the birthplace of Zoltán Kodály, the celebrated composer, ethnographer and educator. The Ensemble is dedicated to preserve the region’s folklore, as well as presenting music and dance from all regions of the Hungarian-speaking areas of Central Europe.

 The Ensemble was established in 1976 and is currently sponsored by the Hirös Agora Culture and Youth Center, one of the cultural driving forces of Kecskemét. The dancers (children, youth and adults) total 320 in number spread throughout 13 sub-groups. They have been learning the basics of folkdance since 1999 in the world-famous Zoltán Kodály Art School of Kecskemét. The Ensemble has toured many foreign countries, with a

In this spirited performance, they present wonderful authentic folk music, folk dances, in beautiful costumes of many regions.  The Ensemble’s 2019 North American tour is a unique opportunity to witness and enjoy authentic Hungarian folklore from this top-notch group.


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