Hungarian values

October 23, 1956

October 23, 1956 RevolutionThe Hungarian Revolution of 1956 or Hungarian Uprising of 1956 was a spontaneous nationwide revolt against the governme... More »

Nobel-prize winners to Hungary

Imre Kertész, Literature, 2002George Andrew Olah, Chemistry, 1994John Harsanyi, Economics, 1994John Polanyi, born in Germany, Chemi... More »

Hungarian Paprika from Kalocsa

Paprika - The Essential red spiceFor three to four weeks every autumn, more than 8,000 acres of fields around Kalocsa are filled with farm workers p... More »

Stephen I of Hungary

Saint Stephen I (Hungarian: I. (Szent) István, Slovak: (Svätý) Štefan I.) (967 – August 15, 1038) was Grand Prince of the Magyars (997-1000/1001... More »

Bull's Blood wine

Egri Bikavér (or Bull's Blood of Eger in English) is the first wine of protected denomination origin in modern Hungarian wine history (Egri Bikavér... More »

Baja fish soup

Baja fish soup is more than just a dish. It is part of our cultural heritage and is closely related to the traditions of the people living next to the... More »

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The unspoken word never does harm.
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