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Hungarian Paprika from Kalocsa

Paprika - The Essential red spice

For three to four weeks every autumn, more than 8,000 acres of fields around Kalocsa are filled with farm workers picking bright red peppers and stacking them in small wooden crates or big plastic mesh bags.

The Hungarians produce a range of paprikas from mild to very hot—although the milder versions are used most often in Hungarian dishes. Contrary to popular belief, the brightest red paprika powders are the mildest and sweetest in taste, whereas the pale-red and light-brown colored paprikas are usually the hottest.

Heat levels range from édes (sweet, mild) to félédes (semi-sweet, medium-hot) to erös (hot). Füszer on the package just means "spice," and orlemeny means "powder." What's important is the type of paprika you choose.

At the heart of Hungarian cuisine, paprika can be found adding depth and color to many of the country’s most delicious dishes. From hot and spicy to sweet and flavorsome, the locally grown spice is an essential feature in numerous recipes. These are the most popular:

- Goulash

- Paprikash

- Stuffed cabbage with paprika

- Lecsó

- Fisherman's soup

- Kolbász - Hungarian sausage


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