Hungarian values

Nobel-prize winners to Hungary

Imre Kertész, Literature, 2002

George Andrew Olah, Chemistry, 1994

John Harsanyi, Economics, 1994

John Polanyi, born in Germany, Chemistry, 1986

Dennis Gabor, Physics, 1971

Eugene Wigner, Physics, 1963

Georg von Békésy, Physiology or Medicine, 1961

George de Hevesy, Chemistry, 1943

Albert Szent-Györgyi, Physiology or Medicine, 1937

Richard Adolf Zsigmondy, Chemistry, 1925

Róbert Bárány, born in Austria-Hungary, Medicine, 1914

Philipp Lenard, Physics, 1905

Avram Hershko*, as an Israeli citizen, Chemistry, 2004


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