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Charity Concert for Syrian Christian children

The goal of the Charity Concert with the support of American Hungarian Heritage House was to help syrian christian children in their country. In the Saint Cross parish in Budapest Father Lorand Ujhazi and Hanna Ghoneim, the vicar of Syrian Mekita Church said that it’s very important to give humantirian aid for syrian christian communities and help to recreate the syrian christian schools as well. The event was organised by Saint Cross Parish and Rotunda Choir. Cardinal Dr. Erdo Peter archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest and Mayor Levente Riz were the patrons of the evening.

The American Hungarian Heritage House wishes to make a happy preparation for Christmas on the third Sunday of Advent with this beautiful photo series and the thought of Father Lorand:

Let’s take a look inside the Gospel of Luke on the third Sunday of Advent. People from different social groups ask John the Baptist about what they shall to do for win salvation. John the Baptist says: Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none. The same thing says about the food. He does not expect to give the last one shirt, not the heroism, but awaits justice and solidarity.
It is a great pleasure to see the problems of today, in the face of two thousand years. In this way, with this view, we have organised this charity concert. The charity concert is donated to the christmas gift of melkite Christian children. We wanted not only big organizations, but small communities to express their sympathy, and in this way, people believe that they are also an active part of the event. Anyone who can do it so who has two shirt must have to give for those who have none. To give in this case to the Melkite Christian children, helping the Syrian Christians to stay in their homeland.

 Photo: Janos Perl / Perl Creative


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